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A de-SPAC to Dodge

G Squared Equity Management L.P. is an investment adviser whose affiliates have sponsored two SPACs: G Squared Ascend I Inc. (NYSE:GSQD) and G Squared Ascend II Inc. (NYSE:GSQB). In dual IPOs last year, the blank-check companies raised $300,000,000 and $125,000,000,…

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Arcadia Biosciences Rises on Wheat Hype

Just a month ago, Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKDA) was a penny stock in danger of delisting. But over the past three weeks, the stock has delivered a series of one-day gains as high as 31%. Today, it closed up 34%…

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Someone Is Smoking INDO

News of a potential ban on Russian oil in the U.S. on Monday led to a rally in nearly every small-cap stock remotely related to oil. The darling of the bunch was Indonesia Energy Corporation Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN: INDO), which is…

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Mysterious Price Action in Shares of Datasea, Inc.

Last month around Valentine’s Day, someone fell in love with Datasea, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSS). The company’s stock price, which had been declining since Jul. 2021, suddenly sprang to life on Feb. 10, 2022. Over the following 12 days, the price rose…

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